Archies' Jalopy w/Archie & Jughead Doll Set (1975)

Archies' Jalopy w/Archie & Jughead Doll Set (1975)
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  • Manufacturer: Marx
  • Condition: Used

The Archies' Jalopy and 10" Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones Dolls Set produced by Marx Toys in 1975.  These are in pretty good condition; a tad dusty but a fine Archies collectible.  The Jalopy is missing its canopy but does have steering wheel and windshield (two items commonly missing with these used vintage toy.  There's no cracks to the car's plastic and the three stickers are affixed nicely.  I believe the two dolls have been sitting in the Jalopy for years and are fixed in a somewhat sitting position.  I didn't want to straighten them out in chance of breaking their plastic limbs (I'll let the new owner figure that out).  Jughead is missing his crown.  

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