Clackers, aka Click Clacks, aka Klackers (1970s)

Clackers, aka Click Clacks, aka Klackers (1970s)
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Clack, Clack, CLACK!  Yep! It's the real deal! Clackers aka Click Clacks from the 1970s!  These are considered one of the most controversial toys of all time.  Clackers were banned from schools and discontinued production in the early-1970s after the United States government warned they could shatter, sending shrapnel-like marble glass flying in the air, plus kids were hurting themselves with these toys or using them as a weapon (ouch).


Try finding this on eBay!  Literally.  I had this listed on eBay and found it unexpectedly canceled due to "listing violation." (Even after all these years, Clackers live up to its controversial reputation.  Cool.):

"The Clackers or Klackers that you listed are not permitted for sale on eBay as it is part of a manufactuer recall due to product safety concerns.   ...We've decided not to allow any Clacker toys on this site for the safety of our community.  We appreciate that you have chosen to ultilize our site, but we must ask that you please not relist this particular item." 


This blue and green Clackers for sell is used (of course) and in very nice condition!

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