"100 Little Dolls," Lot of 78 (1960s)

"100 Little Dolls," Lot of 78 (1960s)
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"What an incredible deal!" - That's what kids must have thought after coming across the ad in the Archie comic books for "100 Little Dolls" for only one one dollar.  Just think, baby dolls, nurse dolls, dancing dolls, foreign dolls, clown dolls, cowboy dolls, Indian dolls, bride dolls, and so many more--100 different types for a penny a doll!  

After sending their hard-earned allowance dollar, plus fifty cents for postage and handling, they waited for more than six weeks for the dolls to arrive, only to be disappointed once they opened the package. 

You see, the ad was misleading--it didn't mention the 100 dolls' size or color.  In actuality they were only two inches high and made of pink-colored styrene plastic and hard synthetic rubber, and you got only thirty different types--the rest were duplicates. 

~ above excerpt from my pop culture book, From ABBA To Zoom

Here I have the 100 Little Dolls that were sold by the 100 Dolls Company via ads in comic books of the 1960s and 1970s.  Except there's only 78 included here... and instead of 100 dolls for a dollar, it's 78 dolls for $78.00 (hey, try finding these hard-to-find little dolls out in the world today)!  Also included is an original ad cut-out of an Archie comic book and original shipping box these came in!  

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