Creeple Peeple Thingmaker Toy (1965)

Creeple Peeple Thingmaker Toy (1965)
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  • Item #: #3545
  • Manufacturer: Mattel
  • Condition: Used

 "You Make Lovable Creeple Peeple!"  A 1965 Thingmaker Toy by Mattel featuring Creeple Peeple (troll like characters).  I don't even know where to start describing this.  It's definitely used (or "as is") but near complete.  The five metal molds are here, as well as the Thingmaker machine, cooling tray, safety handle, instruction booklet, and an order form.  The four Plastigoop bottles are here too (although empty).  There's a completed Creeple Peeple head and some Creepy Crawlers (snake, worm, centipede, spider, cockroach) from another Creepy Crawler set here as well.  The box has definite shelf wear but is solid with no split corners, the bottom is styrofoam (see photos).  I don't know if this still works but if anything, this vintage toy could be good for "parts." 

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