Daisy and Donald, California Adventure Beanie Dolls (2001)

Daisy and Donald, California Adventure Beanie Dolls (2001)
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  • Manufacturer: Walt Disney
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"There's fun in the sun for everyone in this nostalgic beachfront amusement district.  Modeled after the original California piers of the twenties and thirties, Paradise Pier is full of the carefree and thrilling entertainment of both the boardwalk and the beach."  

From Disney's California Adventure Park, it's Beach Donald and Beach Daisy plush bean bag dolls.  (I got these on a visit to the SoCal theme park during its first year of opening in 2001.) They are really cute, Donald and Daisy in casual beach wear with surf boards.  They have beans in their bottoms, the rest of them is soft plush material.  They are in nice condition with original hang tags, never played with just kept in storage since purchased (seller's note: Daisy's vinyl swim trunks have slight cracking due to age but I don't think it takes away from the quality of the item).  They measure approximately 10" tall.  

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