Dressy Bessy & Dapper Dan Dolls (1970s)

Dressy Bessy & Dapper Dan Dolls (1970s)
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  • Item #: #1997
  • Manufacturer: Playskool
  • Condition: Used

Playskool's pigtailed Dressy Bessy and brother Dapper Dan were cuddly cloth dolls that came with layers of sewn-on clothing and shoes that could be buttoned, zipped, snapped, buckled, laced, and tied. The purpose of these dress-up friends was to teach tots ages three to six how to dress themselves--and according to many of my friends, they did the job!  Measuring 15" in height, this Dressy Bessy is from 1979, and Dapper Dan from 1976.  These iconic dolls have been dearly loved and are in need of a good cleaning (they have stains here and there, see last two photos) but I'll leave the cleaning up to new owner.  

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