Flatsy Mini Play Time Clock w/ 2 Dolls (1970)

Flatsy Mini Play Time Clock w/ 2 Dolls (1970)
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  • Item #: #4022
  • Manufacturer: Ideal
  • Condition: Used

Released by Ideal Toys in 1970, the "Mini Play Time" set consists of two 2 1/2" tall Mini-Flatsy Dolls, with a pony and cart, who live in a plastic clock with movable hands. The two dolls, including the more hard-to-find black Mini Flatsy, are in perfect condition and have never been removed from the clock.  The clock on the otherhand isn't perfect, most notable is the pink cardboard where the "12" is has been pushed in (see last photo).  The plastic doesn't have any cracks or breaks how ever and the hands of the clock move perfectly.  It measures 11" x 7". 

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