Heidi Pocketbook Doll Collection, Set of 6 (1966)

Heidi Pocketbook Doll Collection, Set of 6 (1966)
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  • Manufacturer: Remco
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  I'm selling my much-loved Heidi Pocketbook Dolls as a collection.  These were produced by Remco in 1966 and include 5 1/2" Heidi (the most popular doll in the Pocketbook Doll line), her Japanese best friend Jan, their friend Spunky (I never knew if Spunky was a boy or girl), little sister Hildy, little brother Herby, and their Lil' Friend Pip. I think the dolls are in wonderful condition--all wearing original fashions.  Their plastic cases have age/storage wear (although all hinges are good), are dusty and could use a little tender loving care.  Hildy and Pip's plastic covers are missing.  As a bonus, I'm adding another little brother Herby to this collection--making the whole lot 7 dolls (see last photo)!

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