Jon-Erik Hexum, Parlee Magazine (1984)

Jon-Erik Hexum, Parlee Magazine (1984)
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Rare magazine cover of Jon-Erik Hexum: Parlee Entertainment Magazine dated September 7 - October 7, 1984. (Parlee magazine catered to the LGBT crowd in the NYC/New Jersey area in the 1980s).  This is in very good condition with all pages intact and a bit of wear from reading.  The following is an excerpt from my pop culture book, From ABBA To Zoom, on Jon-Erik Hexum: 

Possibly the most beautiful man whoever graced our planet (and those who knew him personally say he was just as beautiful inside as well).    The Norwegian-descended Jon-Erik was the quintessential pin-up/cover boy of the 1980s, famed for his superior good looks (we’re talking Gattaca here, folks)—sapphire-blue eyes, sandy-blond hair, dimple-chiseled face, snuggly-furry chest, and muscles, muscles, muscles (due to years of playing football).  The young actor was touted as Hollywood’s "Next Big Star," in which he was on the verge of becoming with two lead roles as…appropriately…models: Tyler Burnett a ranch hand-turned-big city model in the 1983 tele-film The Making of a Male Model, co-starring Joan Collins, and Mac Harper, a secret agent disguised as a model in the prime-time series Cover Up, co-starring Jennifer O'Neill.  It was on the ill-fated day of October 18, 1984 when his ride to stardom ended abruptly.  While on the set of Cover Up, the ruggedly handsome Jon-Erik--in an act of showing off--shot himself in the head with a prop pistol loaded with blanks.  The reckless incident shattered his skull and sadly, he died shortly afterward at age twenty-six.

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