Kansas City Worlds of Fun Push-Down Bank (1970s)

Kansas City Worlds of Fun Push-Down Bank (1970s)
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  • Item #: #2039
  • Manufacturer: Accoutrements
  • Condition: Used

Vintage Worlds of Fun Push-Down Bank produced by Accoutrements I'm assuming in the 1970s (perhaps the early-1980s).  Worlds of Fun is a popular theme park in the Kansas City area with outstanding roller coasters and other amusement park rides (my favorite coaster there was the Orient Express, which loop-the-loop upside down but is no longer existing).  When you push down on this 5" high yellow bank the pink bear on top moves his arms down and stretches his head up (see 2nd photo) and allows you to slip a coin in the bank slot on back.  This is in great condition and a fun - if not rare - Kansas City or American theme park collectible! 

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