Liddle Kiddles Electric Drawing Set (1968)

Liddle Kiddles Electric Drawing Set (1968)
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  • Item #: #3189
  • Manufacturer: Lakeside Toys
  • Condition: Used

"an easy way to color and draw all the liddle kiddles..." Liddle Kiddles Electric Drawing Set manufactured by Lakeside Toys in 1968.  This electric drawing set allows you to trace Kiddles onto tracing paper from the Kiddle guide sheets.  This set includes a lighted desk, three Figure Guide Sheets for drawing Kiddle dolls, and nine Guide Sheets for drawing the Kiddles scenery and accessories.  This WORKS!  The lighted desk is in minty condition, with no cracks to the plastic purple base; and all twelve guide sheets are included.  Three of the guide sheets have minor corner tears.  The cardboard box container does have tears at the inside flap but this doesn't effect the closing of the box and is hardly detectable when closed (see last photo).  

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