Lone Ranger, "Outwits Crazy Cougar" Big Little Book (1968)

Lone Ranger, "Outwits Crazy Cougar" Big Little Book (1968)
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  • Manufacturer: Whitman
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"Will Crazy Cougar--sinister medicine man--do away with the Lone Ranger as he has promised?  Or will good triumph over evil?"  The Lone Ranger, Outwits Crazy Cougar, A Big Little Big published by Whitman in 1968.  This softback book is big (249+ pages) and little (measuring 3 3/4 by 5") and includes illustrations on every other page.  It's in very good, used condition with binding tight and no inside markings.  The cover hardly has any wear (there is the tinest of nicks in the upper-right corner but not noticable) and the pages have slight yellowing, which is typical of vintage pulp paper.

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