Mork from Ork Suspenders (1979)

Mork from Ork Suspenders (1979)
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"Please tell me we didn't mimic zany space alien Mork from Ork by wearing these rainbow-striped suspenders.  Those of us who were guilty of it would stick various pin-backed buttons with topical sayings and slogans ("Nanu, Nanu") up and down them."

~ Excerpt From ABBA To Zoom, my pop culture encyclopedia 

Authentic pair of rainbow-striped suspenders inspired by the popularity of Robin Williams as alien Mork from Ork on the very popular sitcom Mork & Mindy.  How do I know these are authentic?  They were actually mine!  I wore them as a teenager during my 1979 junior year at Gar-Field High School in Virginia, often paired with my white painter's pants and with a pin-back button of foxy Farrah Fawcett pinned on them!  It's in remarkable shape for being 36-years old!  (Shazbat!  Where did the time fly?!)

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