Peanuts, Snoopy Skediddler (1968)

Peanuts, Snoopy Skediddler (1968)
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  • Manufacturer: Mattel
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Peanuts, Snoopy Skediddler Doll produced by Mattel Toys in 1968.  Technically these dolls aren't Liddle Kiddles, but because they use the Skediddle Kiddles body and/or arms, they are often lumped in the category of Liddle Kiddles. Like the Skediddle Kiddles, these characters walk with the help of a Skediddler walker that snapped into a button on the dolls' back.  Snoopy is in very good condition but doesn't come with his Skediddler walker.  However, he does come with the often missing red scarf, aviator cap and glasses.  

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