Sindy Doll w/Booklet (1978)

Sindy Doll w/Booklet (1978)
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  • Manufacturer: Marx
  • Condition: Used

Originally produced by Pedigree, Britain's top teenage fashion doll never achieved the success in America that she did in other countries.  The U.S. version of Sindy was manufactured by Marx Toys in the late-1970s.  This Sindy doll for sale is from 1978.  She was never played with as I purchased her new, mint-in-the-box and removed her to display on a collector's shelf of dolls.  Sindy is wearing the original dress and shoes she came with.  Yes, she's mint but for some reason her neck has a weird deformity (that is how she came in the box - see photos).  However, as you can tell she still displays well and comes with the original Sindy booklet ("Hi... I"m Sindy.  Now that we're friends, let's share my world.")  

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