Toy Giraffes S&P Shaker Set (1950s)

Toy Giraffes S&P Shaker Set (1950s)
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This whimsical Toy Giraffes salt and pepper shaker set, manufactured in the 1950s, has been in my personal S&P shaker collection for nearly thirty years.  They stand tall at 4.5" high and measure 1" thick.  I would love to say they are in mint condition but back in 1993 my black Manx cat named Karma knocked the salt giraffe off a shelf and broke it's head and tail off (bad kitty!).  I did a pretty good job gluing it back together however I list this "As Is."  Also the salt giraffe has its original cork stopper but the pepper giraffe's stopper has been pushed through (you can hear it when you shake it.)  

(Seller's Note: After listing this in the store, I accidentally rebroke the neck of the salt giraffe and couldn't get it reglued as I did back in the 1990s.  So this is definitely "As Is" and I've lowered the price.  Maybe the new owner can do a better job than I did.)  

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