Yellow Apple Faces Double Jelly Jar (1950s)

Yellow Apple Faces Double Jelly Jar (1950s)
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  • Item #: #2718
  • Manufacturer: Coronet
  • Condition: Used

Two yellow apple faces double ceramic jam and jelly jar from the mid-century 1950s (the bottom has a sticker that reads "Hand painted Coronet Japan").  It measures approximately 8" in length, 4" in width, and about 4.5" in height.  It's in very good condition no cracks or "crazing" (a network of fine cracks in the surface of glazed ceramic) but does have three tiny knicks on the left green leave and tips of both lid stems (see photos).  I never used this as an actual jelly dish; only displayed on a collector's shelf.  Overall it's terrific and very CUTE! 

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